Parents of disabled boy sue William Beaumont Hospital

Parents claim mistakes were made by hospital staff


DETROIT – The parents of 2-year-old Tommy Scodeller say he will never have a Christmas like most children.

The often smiling Shelby Township boy has brain damage which his parents say was caused by mistakes by the obstetrics team at William Beaumont Hospital.

Ray and Tammy Scodeller say a month before Tommy's due date, vaginal bleeding led nurses to induce labor. Tammy said Tommy's heart rate began dropping and  the doctor, in a hastily  delivered Tommy using forceps.

"He basically crushed his skull and because of all the blood loss from his brain, he ended up with severe brain damage," Tammy said.

Ray Scodeller said Tommy takes 19 different medications every day and endures multiple seizures daily.

"He's never going to feed himself. He's probably never going to say any words. Effectively, we are going to care for an infant for the rest of his life," Ray Scodeller said.

Attorney Brian McKeen represents the Scodellers.  He said no one on the staff suggested stopping a labor-inducing drug or discussed alternative treatments like a caesarian delivery.

"There are options available that were safer; stop the pitocin, allow Tommy to catch his breath, improve the heart rate pattern and continue the labor.  That was a perfectly acceptable option which no one offered to these parents," McKeen said.

Tammy said she went shopping in a toy department for Christmas gifts and told herself she would not cry this year, but couldn't help it.

"There I was sobbing literally , against the shelf sobbing because he can't do anything. He can't rip his presents open and get all fired up," Tammy said.

William Beaumont Hospital released a statement saying it could not discuss specifics  because of the pending court case.  The statement said the medical care provided will be explained and defended during the legal process.