Pontiac firefighters get layoff notices


The Grinch stole Christmas in Pontiac, after the emergency manager sent firefighters layoff notices on Christmas Eve.

According to the emergency financial manager, sending out the termination letters is all a part of a process to reach a deal where everyone wins.

The firefighter's debacle continues into the holidays and people who live in Pontiac are upset.

"This ain't right. I'm concerned right now about Pontiac," said resident Dave Valentine.

Saturday morning firefighters received letters of termination in the mail.

"We need them because it's too many people. And its winter time, houses burn up," said Valentine.

The letter states "due to the financial emergency that exists within the city of Pontiac, we continue to face the difficult task of restructuring the workforce."

Firefighters were told their positions are being eliminated in the beginning of 2012, and the decision comes after intense negotiations Thursday.

According to the emergency financial manager, a tentative deal with the fire union was reached. The deal includes Pontiac's fire department being taken over by Waterford Township. The letter also included an application for the Waterford Township Fire Department; firefighters have until January 3 to apply. However, the letter states firefighters are encouraged to apply, but employment is not guaranteed.

City leaders say this termination letter is all apart of the process, but those like Dave Valentine want to see a deal made sooner than later.

"Make the deal, hurry up and make the deal," said Valentine.

According to city leaders, a vote on the deal is expected on Tuesday.