New technology to curb distracted driving


DETROIT – Federal regulators want to take the phones out of your hand while you're driving. While they work on that to happen, there's new technology that could make the roads safer.

The system is called Cell Control. Chuck Cox is the President of the company. He is hoping to his product to companies with fleets of cars - and parents.

How does it work? Chuck says, ""It will drop the call or it will put up a blocking screen so you can no longer text, or no longer read your emails, or no longer read your texts."

The trick here is a device that plugs into your car's diagnostic plug and works with software installed on selected phones. The blocking program only works when the car is moving.

"Plug it in and it sends a bluetooth signal into the car that signals motion, not just power on, but when the car is actually moving."

The system allows you to choose what to block. For example, you could block texting but allow online maps. It also notifies parents if their kids try to tamper with the system.