Civil rights groups to march against emergency managers

Rainbow Push Coalition to hold a Martin Luther King Day march


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The Rainbow Push Coalition plans to march in Ann Arbor on Jan. 16 in an effort to call attention to a bill that could soon lead to an emergency manager in Detroit.

The group believes that Public Act 4 violates the voting rights act, destroys democracy and does not provide the needed long or short-term solution to Michigan's cities fiscal crisis. They are calling for a targeted reinvestment strategy, job creation and a level economic playing field.

 "We must protect the right to vote. In Michigan the right to vote is null void. There is no connection between economic recovery and removing democracy – Michigan needs a targeted urban reinvestment plan", said Reverend D Alexander Bullock. "In the tradition of Dr. King we March for Justice, Equality and Freedom".

The cities under an emergency manager are Flint, Benton Harbor and Pontiac. Detroit Public Schools also has an emergency manager.

The city of Detroit is under a state financial review that could result in an emergency manager.