Michigan funeral home owner accused of contract fraud

New Haven's John Olszewski accused in fraud

Dec. 28, 2011: John Olszewski, owner of of the Duncan-Olszewski Funeral Home in New Haven, is charged with funeral contract fraud.

DETROIT – A Michigan man is facing fraud charges on allegations he failed to take care of the money people pre-paid him for funeral services.

John Norman Olszewski, the owner of Duncan-Olszewski Funeral Home in New Haven, has been arraigned on three counts of funeral contract fraud.

The 57-year-old is accused of failing to escrow pre-paid funeral contract money and not having a valid license to sell pre-paid funeral contracts.

Anyone who might have done business with Olszewski and suspects misconduct can call New Haven police at 586-749-9503 ext.. 232.

He has another court hearing Thursday in New Baltimore, where more charges are expected to be brought against him.