71-year-old man assaulted, robbed in Detroit home

Detroit man beaten and robbed trying to help two women

Horace Jackson
Horace Jackson

DETROIT – Detroit police are looking for two men and two women who robbed and assaulted a 71-year-old man Monday night.

Horace Jackson said opened his door and let two women into his home because they said they were having car trouble. He said the began to become suspicious of the women and started to ask them to leave when two men suddenly appeared and assaulted him.

"He punched me in my lip and called me a bunch of M-F's," Jackson said. "He said I'll blow your brains out, lie down on the floor." 

The thieves stole three flat screen TV's, his wallet with cash and credit cards inside, and the gold chain from around his neck.

After the robbery, Jackson said he received a call that one of his stolen credit cards was used at a nearby gas station. Jackson called police to let them know, but police didn't respond in time to see the criminals who were likely caught on surveillance camera. The video had been recorded over.

"If I see somebody in trouble, from now on I'll probably just keep on going because of this incident," said Jackson. 

Detroit police said they are following other leads where the criminals used the credit cards.

Anyone with information is asked to call the 12th Precinct's Investigative Operations at 313-596-1240.