Police: Similar break-ins reported in St. Clair Shores

Police investigate rash of break-ins, attempted break-ins


ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. – St. Clair Shores police said a series of home break-ins has been reported in the city.

Gary Kloock said his 86-year-old mother was home alone Tuesday night when someone tried to break into her house. They tried to pry open the elderly woman's steel front door.

"It's a scary, very scary," Kloock said. "The police said that because she had a steel door that's basically why they didn't get in."

Police said after the failed attempt at the door, the thief tried to get into the home through a front window.

"When I got here I noticed they tried to pry in through the window because I noticed the screen was moved," Kloock said. "They tried to get in, and I called the police."

Neighbors on Westbury Street have been reporting similar break-ins or attempted break-ins in the past few days.

"I live so close and I try to keep an eye on (my mother)," Kloock said. "But it's scary. It's really scary that someone would try to get in someone's house, especially at night, you know, (she) is here alone."

St. Clair Shores police are investigating the reports. They are trying to figure out which cases might be related.