Several cars stolen from Dearborn Heights neighborhood

Police say thieves targeting cars in early morning


DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Police said several cars have been stolen from a Dearborn Heights neighborhood.

The latest thefts were Wednesday morning near Dartmouth and Pelham streets.

Jayne Ruiz, who lives in the area, said her car has been targeted more than once -- seven times to be exact.

"The police just said we are kind of easy pickings because we are right here on Outer Drive," Ruiz said.

Thankfully for Ruiz, a kill switch that she installed in the car kept the vehicle parked in the driveway.

Several cars were stolen in the early morning. Police said the vehicles were left in the driveway running and unlocked while the owners prepared to leave for work.

Owners were trying to warm the vehicles, and the thieves took the opportunity to commit the grand thefts.

Dearborn Heights police want to remind owners never to leave their vehicle unattended while it is running, no matter how cold it is.

"We had several reports of vehicles being stolen in Dearborn Heights near Dartmouth and Pelham streets," a Dearborn Heights police spokesman said. "We encourage people to keep their cars locked and do not leave them running in the driveway to warm them up in the morning hours."