Chuck Norris fights for Newt Gingrich's GOP campaign

Norris records robocall to support Gingrich


Martial arts actor Chuck Norris recorded a robocall for Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

The robocall went  out to voters in Alabama and Mississippi, which are holding their primaries on Tuesday.

This is a transcript of the call:

Hello this is Chuck Norris. As my wife Gena and I watched the GOP debate and went to their website, we were trying to decide which of the candidates would be best to do head-to-head combat with President Obama. Now, I didn't say hand-to-hand combat, even though I think they would win there too.. Gina and I decided that Newt Gingrich would be the best man to beat President Obama. Under Newt's leadership, the budget was balanced, taxes were cut, and we began to pay down our debt. His policies helped create 11 million new jobs. As president, Newt will repeal Obamacare, get rid of Obama's czars, and use commonsense measures, like building the Keystone Pipeline to lower the cost of gas to two and half dollars a gallon. The election is too important to get wrong. We need a bold conservative leader to take on President Obama. We need Newt Gingrich. When you vote this Tuesday, please join me in supporting Newt Gingrich for president.

In January, when Norris endorsed Gingrich, he described him as the man best "able to outwit, outplay and outlast Obama and his campaign machine."

At the time, the Gingrich campaign responded to the endorsement, saying Norris would make an excellent "Secretary of Attack."

And on Sunday, the former House Speaker tweeted, "Happy B-Day this weekend to my friend Chuck Norris. New energy proposal: When Chuck Norris looks at gas prices they drop in fear."