Husband's ashes stolen in Redford Township home break in

Woman hopes thieves will return ashes


REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Redford woman said she just wants her husband's ashes returned to her.

Pat Kolar's home was broken into last week.  Thieves took a TV, a few other items and a wooden box that held her husband Ronald's ashes

Kolar was married to her husband for almost 40 years before he died last year.

"Thirty-nine years, one month and two hours," said Kolar.

She said the wooden urn looks like a jewelry box and that could be why thieves took it.

"I know that's just his ashes, but still, it was  important," said Kolar.

The urn is priceless to Kolar as her final connection to her husband.

"I talk to him, you know and there was comfort in that and having him here," said  Kolar.

Kolar wants whoever took the urn to return it.  This Easter, she had planned to bury her husband at the same location where some of his family have been placed.

"Please return it to Our Lady of Loretto. The church that's on 6 Mile near Beech is aware of the fact that they could be returned there. They would not ask any questions," said Kolar.