Psychiatric exam ordered for brother accused in sister's beating death

Gerald Dennis accused of killing Deborah Seifert on Feb. 28


LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – A brother accused of killing his sister with a car's jack handle was in court Tuesday morning.

Gerald Eugene Dennis, 43, is accused of beating his older sister and roommate, 53-year-old Deborah Seifert to death on Feb. 28 in a home on College Avenue in Lincoln Park.

The hearing was adjourned when an immediate psychiatric exam was ordered for Dennis.

Family members say Dennis suffers from a lifetime of mental illness and drug abuse and describe him as a victim in the case. 

A woman who says she found Seifert's body says the brother and sister were smoking crack hours before the murder and that Dennis allegedly beat his sister to death when she refused to give him his medication to help him "come down" from the drug.

 Other family members allude to Seifert abusing Dennis and that he's the victim in the case.

Dennis is being held without bond as the case moves forward.



-- Deborah Seifert

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