Bob Bashara takes trip to Iowa with family

Attorney says trip was therapeutic for Bashara family

The husband of murdered Grosse Pointe Park mother Jane Bashara thanked supporters and called the situation horrific as he spoke Wednesday outside his home.

DETROIT – Bob Bashara is free to leave Michigan.

He is not facing any charges and he has no travel restrictions.

The road trip has Bashara behind the wheel for 8 hours with his mother at his side. The Local 4 Defenders learned he left Michigan for Iowa this past weekend.

His lawyer explains why the trip is so important.

"He's trying to do anything he can do to keep the family together and the weather this storm," said his attorney, David Griem.

Griem said it's no secret undercover officers have been following Bob Bashara around town for weeks. However, they did not tail the Grosse Pointe Park man when he left the state, and Griem said that is significant.

"Bob Bashara is not a flight risk. Bob Bashara is going to see this thing through," said Griem.

Why the weekend trip to Iowa? Griem said Bashara's son, who works in Iowa, needed time with the family.

"There was a lot of hugging. There were a lot of tears," Griem said. "And it was good therapy for Robert Jr., and it was great therapy for Bob and his mother."

Bob Bashara has been called a person of interest in his wife's murder -- the only person of interest. Joe Gentz is the only person facing charges in the murder of Jane Bashara. Griem said this past weekend's round trip is noteworthy for one reason.

"It sends a message that Bob Bashara has nothing to hide. Bob Bashara is concerned most about his children. Next, the rest of his family and finally about himself," Griem said.

Bashara did not have to ask police or prosecutors for permission to take the trip. But he did have to ask Griem.