Happy Pi Day!

Ford challenges students on Math maniac's favorite day

Ford Motor Co. is offering students nationwide a healthy helping of Pi today. 

Before you ask, "Pumpkin or apple?", consider today's date: 3/14.  Now clear the cobwebs back to your long forgotten 7th grade math lessons and remember the first 3 digits of that magical never-ending number "Pi."  3.14.....

March 13th is Pi day.  The "upper crust" of math wizards find this day endlessly entertaining, and the folks at Ford are using it as an opportunity to inspire, challenge, and entertain students. 

Beginning at 11 A.M. at reddit.com, Ford will post a new math brain-teaser every 3.14 minutes. 

Students may be called upon to calculate the area of Ford's blue oval logo.  They may be quizzed on fuel economy, air bag deployment, and any number of areas designed to show the daily relevance of math in the field of automotive engineering. 

Ford engineers will also take their Pi celebration outside the walls of Ford facilities, visiting area high schools to inspire and challenge in person.

In fact, they got their road show moving early this morning with a visit to Local 4.

We were joined by Ford safety engineer Pete Hardigan who brought along an all-new 2013 Ford Escape to demonstrate the many ways math influences nearly every feature in the new SUV.

And.. he brought along pie--the kind thick-headed reporters actually understand.