Michigan boy buried in sand lives to talk about incident

Nicholas Nelson says his brother saved his life


DETROIT – Nicholas Nelson, of Ionia County, says he has his brother to thank for saving his life again.

Nicholas and his brother were digging tunnels in the side of a hill, but the sand collapsed burying Nicholas.

His brother Kyle tried to dig him out, but knew he couldn't get to Nicholas quick enough so he ran to get help.

"Kyle's quick thinking, when he realized he couldn't help and he came up here and got myself and my boyfriend, his quick thinking saved Nicholas." said the boys' mother Aimee Nelson.

Nicholas had been buried for nearly a have an hour when emergency responders were able to get him free.

"I didn't think I was gonna make it so I started saying bye to people, and then I passed out," said Nicholas. "Luckily I had a little gap though to breath or else I would've been gone."

Nicholas doesn't remember much about the whole ordeal, but says he does remember the helicopter ride to the hospital which he described as "fun".

He said he knows the situation could have ended much worse. "They said that no normal person would have survived that so I know I'm really, really lucky."