Thieves turn violent at Detroit's Eastern Market

Market workers fear thieves are reselling stolen fish, meat


DETROIT – Video surveillance from Detroit's Eastern Market shows two men attack a worker and steal boxes of frozen fish.

It was about 3:30 a.m. one day when a maroon sedan pulled up to United Fish Wholesale where a man was making a delivery. Two men got out of the car and one brutally assaulted the worker. The other man loaded the car with boxes of frozen fish.

"He ended up with a mild concussion and four stitches," said Daniel Niedzwiecki, of United Fish.

Niedzwiecki said lately thieves have been targeting fish and meat markets in the area. He said this robbery is a bit different.

"This was a small robbery. The amount was probably under $300. But it got violent this time," he said.

He believes what the men stole is being sold on the streets.

"They're selling it, making money," said Niedzwiecki. "There's somebody buying all this stolen seafood or meats."

Those who work at Eastern Market in the early morning are on guard.

"It's sad but hopefully it doesn't put a damper on the market," said Nathan Navalta, of Rocky's Historic Eastern Market.

Niedzwiecki said the answer to this type of crime is simple: More police.

"I will have to say for people that come in and shop down in Eastern Market, don't worry about it because there is a lot of security down here in the day time," he said. "But there's no security there at night."