Golf etiquette


Hi Guys!

Let's face it…golf can be a sport that comes across…well… rather stuffy. 

Collared shirts, manicured courses, hushed voices, you get the picture. But, in order to hold your own out there, you have to understand some of the basics of golf etiquette. 

First, the clothing,…guys should wear a collared shirt and either nice shorts (not jean shorts) or khaki type pants.  Girls/gals can either wear nice shorts, a golf skirt or khaki type pants too. The gals don't have to wear a collared shirt but it may be best to check with the course before heading out.

These outfits can seem a bit boring but trust me; there are plenty of ways to still show your individuality. Just think of some of the colorful professional golfers out there! 

Second, keep your voice down!

When someone is about to take a swing, it's time to zip your lips! Nothing is more frustrating than someone talking while you are trying to concentrate.

Remember, your fellow golfers will return the favor.

The same holds true for putting – keep it quiet!

The golf course is also a great place to put your phone on vibrate (or better yet, leave it in the car or golf bag). Part of the allure of golf is the beautiful scenery and quiet few hours – think of it as a time to "unplug."

Third, back to putting… Do not walk in an opponent's line.

What that means is the imaginary line that runs between their golf ball and the hole. If you do walk in someone's line, you run the risk of indenting the green therefore, messing up their putt. Instead, walk behind the other balls on the putting green and when approaching your own.

Fourth, respect the course. 

Repair divots and rake sand traps. It is a rule of thumb, respect other players and respect the course. Pretty sound advice if you ask me!

Fifth, is safety. Give a person room to move when they are swinging. It is best to stand about 6 feet behind a person teeing off or hitting a ball.  Also, do not advance on the course if someone still has a shot to hit; in other words, never get in front of the person furthest from the hole (stand off to the side parallel to them or behind them).

That's a bit on etiquette. 

You will learn more by playing a few rounds with a knowledgeable golfer then you will by reading it so get out there and play!

Till next time,

-Danny Divot