Henry Ford High School student hit by car crossing 8 Mile Road

15-year-old hospitalized after incident near Evergreen, witnesses say students often try to cross to get to gas station


SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A 15-year-old Henry Ford High School student was hospitalized Friday morning after being hit by a car on Eight Mile Road near Evergreen Road.

The girl was crossing from the Detroit side over to a gas station on the Southfield side when witnesses say she was hit. 

She was not in the crosswalk.

"They tried to beat the light, they tried to beat the traffic, and evidently, this person failed," said witness Jerry Potter.  

Other witnesses and other Henry Ford students told Local 4 each morning kids run across the busy road, dodging on-coming traffic in a dangerous effort to get to the Marathon station on the other side.

Students said they know it's unsafe not to use the crosswalk but say they're in a hurry to get to the store and then get back to school on time.

"I do stuff like that, like run across the street. I be thinking I'm going to be late for school so I run across the street," said student Andrew Robinson. 

The driver of the car that hit the girl stopped and is talking to police. Her brother came running to the scene and says his sister is very upset and often is worried about kids running out in front of her as she drives to work. 


Detroit Public Schools says the girl's parents have been notified and that the girl was alert at the hospital speaking to medical personnel.

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