Christine Frederick arrested

Christine Frederick, a friend of a man accused of killing his father and beating his brother and mother with a baseball bat, is facing drug charges.

Farmington Hills police arrested Christine Frederick Friday night.  The 47-year-old was charged with possession with intent to manufacture marijuana and possession of marijuana. She was released from police custody on personal bond Saturday morning.

Frederick is a friend of Tucker Cipriano, a 19-year-old who is facing charges in the attack against his Farmington Hills family.  His father was killed during the attack, while his mother and 17-year-old brother suffered critical injuries. Tucker Cipriano's 20-year-old friend, Mitchell Young, is also facing charges in the case. Both men are charged with first-degree murder and first-degree felony murder for the April 16 incident.

According to the Farmington Hills Police Department, Christine Frederick's arrest was related to an on going drug investigation. It is not related to the Cipriano murder case.

Police arrested three other people at the time of Frederick's arrest. Two of them were adults, the other a minor.

Fredericks does have a medical marijuana license after she suffered from a brain tumor. The tumor was removed in June of 2011.  However, she suffers severe migraine headaches.

Christine Fredericks is expected  to have a preliminary exam conference in May.