Police break-up gang gathering oustide mall

Two dozen arrested, one 17-year-old had a gun


DETROIT – Chaos and confusion outside a local mall after police break up a gathering of suspected gang members.

The incident started at Northland Mall at Nine Mile and Greenfield roads in Southfield Saturday evening.

Police sources tell Local 4, several different gangs planned separate gatherings on Facebook at a carnival that was taking place at Northland mall. Some of the plans of the gang members had been posted on Facebook pages.

Southfield police patrols concentrated on that area and a crowd of about 100 teens were moved away.

The crowd was moved south from 9 mile to 7 mile along Greenfield. A Detroit Police cruiser was driving down a sidewalk to push the crowd south.

Southfield made at least three arrests. Detroit police arrested approximately 20 males between the ages of 14 and 16 mostly for disorderly conduct, though some were arrested for throwing rocks. One 17-year-old was arrested for possession of a gun. The teens were transported to the 6th and 8th precincts in Detroit where they were ticketed and parents were called to pick them up.

No one was injured.

The carnival is scheduled to be at Northland for a week.