Chrysler says it's opening first Detroit office

Automaker moving into former Dime Building, renaming it 'Chrysler House'


DETROIT – Chrysler is making moves to Detroit.

CEO Sergio Marchionne on Monday said the automaker will get its first office space in the building now formally known as the Dime Building.

It will now be called "Chrysler House."


Marchionne said 70 employees would be working out of the downtown building.

"Today's announcement is another step on the path to reviving a great city," he said. "Detroit is the place that we feel at home."

Quicken Loan founder Dan Gilbert purchased and renovated the Dime Building and convinced Chrysler to lease 30,000 square feet for Chrysler Great Lakes Business Center executives plus an office for Marchionne.

"It's not only the right thing to do but I think it will also help them attracting young talented people who want to be in an urban core city," Gilbert said.

Marchionne commented on how the move to downtown offices follows up on Chrysler's ad campaign that promotes the revival of Detroit.

"Because I think we owe a lot to the city and I think people should follow our example in getting this done," Marchionne said.


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The building is at 719 Griswold Street.