Harrison Township man charged in series of arsons

Macomb County Sheriff's Office says Paul Alan Winters had 17 stolen lighters on him when he was arrested, later confessed to arsons

Paul Alan Winters
Paul Alan Winters

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The Macomb County Sheriff's Office said a 19-year-old Harrison Township man has confessed to starting a string of fires over two days last week.

The Sheriff's Office said Paul Alan Winters had 17 lighters on him when he was arrested, which were stolen from an area Kroger.

Investigators said Winters admitted that he started fires on Thursday and Friday.

He's charged with arson of personal property and retail fraud.

Below is a description of the arsons released by the Sheriff's Office:

April 26 – Beamer Street: A phone book was lit on fire in a front lawn.

April 27 – Beamer Street: A white plastic bag with its contents lit on fire was put in a back yard.

April 27- Campau Lane: A portion of woods was set on fire.

April 27 – Beamer Street, liquid was being observed squirted on a car but the car's owner confronted the suspect.

April 27 – Crocker Boulevard at Metro Towers: A Dumpster was set on fire.