Judge wants to hear prosecutor's side in Oakland County Child Killer case

Jessica Cooper has until July 27 to explain denial of FOIA requests by father of victim Timothy King


DETROIT – More than 30 years after the murders of four children in Oakland County, a judge wants to hear from the prosecutor.

The so-called Oakland County Child Killer has eluded an identity since four children - Mark Stebbins, 12, Jill Robinson, 12, Kristine Mihelich, 10, and Timothy King,11 - were kidnapped and found dead between 1976 and 1977.

"Some day before they put me in the box, I'd like to know who abused my kid," said Barry King, Timothy's father.

Barry King said he promised himself he would do everything he could to find out who killed his son. He has been fighting for more than a year to see all of the documents filed in the case, but his Freedom of Information Act requests have been repeatedly denied.

But a judge has now scheduled a deadline of July 27 for Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper to file her side side on why the documents have remained confidential instead of granting the FOIA requests from King.

"If it's a matter of law, I'd like that explained to me. If it's a matter of cover up or political problems, I think the whole public should know," King said.

Mihelich family says investigators withheld information

The family of Kristine Mihelich says the case was mishandled so badly that they feel any hope of learning their daughter's killer is lost. They've filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Oakland County prosecutor, sheriff and several investigators.


"The system has not only failed Kris but has failed all the victims of the monster that took our kids," said Mihelich's mother, Deborah Jarvis. "It's time for Jessica Cooper to step aside and let the Department of Justice investigate these cases."