Woman's carjacking in Dearborn leads to violent crash in Ferndale

Teens lose control of stolen car, crash onto other car in Ferndale


DETROIT – Edward Wright said he saw an SUV fall from the sky Monday and land on the hood of his car.

"I got out, the car was smoking. I didn't know what to do at the moment," Wright said. "I'm lucky to be alive."


The Ford Edge hit Wright's car after flying through the air on Eight Mile and Greenlawn in Ferndale. But it's plight actually started in Dearborn just minutes before.

Police sources said the SUV was hit by a white car on the Southfield freeway near Oakwood in Dearborn. When the woman driving the SUV got out, the two teens in the white car pulled guns and carjacked her.

The woman went for help at Oakwood Hospital, where she called police.

Just minutes later, the teens are driving in Detroit when they lose control.

"All of a sudden my airbags go off. He hit me here and landed there," Wright said. 

Sources said the teens could be as young as 14 years old and took off after the crash. They haven't been found but police did recover a gun.