Leaning utility pole has Detroit neighborhood concerned for safety, wondering when it will be fixed

Wind leaves utility pole dangerously dangling, concerns growing in Detroit neighborhood


DETROIT – A mid-April wind storm left a utility pole hanging by a thread at Konkel and Junction streets in southwest Detroit.

Neighbors say a utility crew dropped off replacement poles wrapped in yellow and black caution tape around the base, but never returned to finish the job.

"It's been about two to three weeks ... it's been like that," said Michael Castaneda, who lives nearby.

Images: Leaning Detroit utility pole

Danger is a concern for residents such as Castaneda and Jessica Brodie, a mother who lives nearby. The pole is just across the street from a school and park where children play everyday.

"You see something like that, it is a concern because you don't want anyone to get hurt, or anything bad to happen," Brodie said. "It can take down other poles. It can cause a lot of damage."

The neighbors have been waiting for the problem to be fixed. Castaneda and his children carefully watch their steps to avoid getting too close. He hopes everyone else is just as careful.

"They have the pole there already so you know they're thinking about doing something about it," he said. "Why it's taking so long? I have no idea."

Brodie said she can't understand why anyone would wait for something bad to happen before fixing the pole.

"You would think they want to take care of it now rather than wait until something horrible happens," she said.

DTE Energy said it's not their pole. Local 4 has learned it likely belongs to Detroit Public Lighting.

A Detroit city spokespersons said it is being looked into.