Pit bulls attack man, 81-year-old woman on Detroit's east side

Detroit woman uses bag, bottle of hand sanitizer to fight off attacking pit bull


DETROIT – Two pit bulls were on the attack in an east Detroit neighborhood.

A man was the first victim and 81-year-old Alberta Phillips was the second.

"They came charging at me," she said. "I thought this was it."

Police were called and the dogs were captured, but only after Phillips was attacked by one of the dogs. One dog went after her and all she had to protect herself was a bag with a bottle of hand sanitizer inside. That quickly became her weapon.


"I got the bag and went to hitting them, you know, trying to fight them off," she said.

A man driving on 8 Mile Road saw Phillips struggling with the dog. He pulled over to help.

"The man came to my rescue and opened up his van and let me sit in there," Phillips said.

Her leg was left bandaged. The dogs were tough but Phillips was tougher.

"I guess I'm just a fighter," she said with a chuckle.

The pit bull was captured and is being held by Animal Control.


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