'100 Women Who Care' charity program spreads to Metro Detroit

Women represent chosen nonprofit, members help raise funds for each organization


BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – There's strength in numbers.

One group of local women is taking that term to heart by raising thousands of dollars for charity with just an hour to spare.

It's a program that started in nearby Jackson, Mich. and is spreading across the country.

Some are friends. Some are meeting for the very first time. It is a group drawn together for the sole purpose of helping others.

"They're in Santa Rosa, they're in California. There are women all over doing what we're doing," Candye Hinton told a crowd.

They're part of a growing trend: 100 Women Who Care. In less than an hour the women will generate thousands of dollars for charity.

First, the names of three women are pulled from a bin. Each one speaks on where she would like to see her donations go. There are many choices but in the end it comes down to one. A charity is chosen, and then the checks come out.

One hundred women give $100 each. On one occasion, about $10,000 was donated to "Mission House," a drug and prevention non-profit in Livingston County.

"It's very personal, yes, and I'm very floored that we won," said Karen Ryan, who recommended the agency.

The organization plans to donate to a different organization every three months.

"I think it's a wonderful idea it really makes the giving that you do so much more powerful," said participant Marcia Jablonski.

To learn more about the organization, visit www.100womenlivingstoncounty.org.