City of Clawson's new program cracks down on water bills as many residents aren't paying

20 percent of Clawson residents are not paying water bills; city sends out shutoff notices


CLAWSON, Mich. – Phil Lamb thought it was the perfect day to get outside and sponge-wash his car.

However, because 20 percent of Clawson residents are not paying their water bills, a simple activity such as washing a car may not be possible for residents such as Lamb.

No payment. No water. That is the city's new policy.

"It may only take a few or four people to realize, wow, they're serious, we need to get our bill paid," said Clawson City Manager Mark Pollock.

Every Clawson resident received an orange notice in the mail which explains the new shutoff program.

"There's probably just a lack of responsibility and people just think that if they don't pay it then they'll just kind of slip through the cracks," said Lamb.

So far, nearly 900 residents have received shutoff notices. As for Lamb, he thinks the program actually is a good idea because it will keep money and water both flowing in Clawson.

"I think it's just like your cellphone bill or anything. If you don't pay it, you're going to lose it," said Lamb.

The city of Clawson had to pay more than $400,000 for outstanding water bills this year. However, the city said the notices are working as many residents are starting to pay.