Detroit homeowner kills suspect during home invasion on Barbara Street

Detroit police arrest second suspect injured after jumping through window


DETROIT – Detroit police detectives were at a home on the corner of Barbara and Lamphere streets on Detroit's west side Wednesday after an early morning home invasion that left one suspect dead.

Police told Local 4 two men broke into the bedroom window of a family's home 22000 block of Barbara at 5 a.m. 

As they climbed through the window, a man and his wife in that same room were startled by the men.

That 64-year-old homeowner, police sources say, owns several guns for protection. 

The homeowner shot and killed one unarmed suspect, a young man in his late teens or early 20s, according to police.

The other suspect fired at the homeowner, but also ran for his life, jumping through the home's front plate glass window.  Police followed a trail of blood and found that gunman hiding in a home on Burgess. 

Police say the suspect's cuts from the window aren't life threatening.

As the homeowner was shooting, he accidentally hit his wife with a shot in the arm. The 63-year-old wife was listed in temporary serious condition, police said.

Police confirm the couple own a "Cash for Gold" shop on Fenkell at Trinity in Detroit. Neighbors say burglars in the past have tried to rob the couple.

The homeowner has been taken in for questioning.

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