Shot fired during argument in Roseville neighborhood

Police say woman, boyfriend confront driver who was speeding on Blair Street


ROSEVILLE, Mich. – When a woman in a Roseville neighborhood decided a driver was going too fast Thursday down the street, she decided enough was enough.

Roseville police said the woman came out of a house on Blair Street, which is near 10 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue and confronted the driver.


Witness Erin Freel said she heard the woman and the driver start screaming and swearing at each other.

Freel said the driver sped off, but circled back a few minutes later.

Police said the driver had three other men in the car when another screaming matcher erupted with the woman standing in front of the car.

Police said the woman's husband came out front when the commotion started and starting swinging with a metal pipe.

That's when things turned violent and someone in the car fired a shot, hitting the boyfriend in the shoulder.

The men went to a nearby 7-Eleven and called police, saying the gunfire was self defense.

Police said they are investigating and have taken all four men into custody.