Community rallies around Wyandotte boy struck by train

Downriver teen struck by train in February in Wyandotte


WYANDOTTE, Mich. February 28 was the day everything changed for 14-year-old Jacob Marion.

The Roosevelt High School freshman was walking along railroad tracks near his home in Wyandotte. Police say he was wearing headphones and had no idea danger was quickly approaching.

"I heard something hit, and then the train locked its breaks," said a neighbor who lives nearby.

Marion was in bad shape. A train had struck him, leaving him on the side of the tracks.

"If he made it, it was a miracle," said his mother, Monica Marion.

It's nearly three months since the tragic accident and Monica Marion uses the words miracle and blessing often.

"I keep saying that I feel like I'm in a dream, but he keeps me going," she said.

Jacob Marion is home now after spending weeks in a hospital. His mother says she doesn't know the details of what happened to her son that February day. Her focus is on his recovery.

"I would like to see Jacob get his life back," she said.

Jacob Marion broke bones, lost a hand and suffered a traumatic brain injury. From fundraisers to moral support, the community in Wyandotte has come through for his mother.

"Bless everyone out there for the support. Thanks so much," she said.

The journey has not been easy, but it's getting better.

"Because I know Jacob and I really believe in my heart, I have no doubt that he's going to get better," his mother said. "We don't know. But who knows, maybe a year from now we'll be back talking and maybe he'll be sitting next to me."