Inge's time was over in Motown


DETROIT – In honor of the late, great Joe Falls, it's a Fish Fry Friday. ...

Stop the crazy Brandon Inge talk

Yes, Inge hit a grand slam home run for the A's on Thursday night against the Tigers in Oakland. Detroit won, 10-6.

And yes, it's Inge's second granny in three games since he was picked up by the A's after the Tigers release the third baseman. His teammates were happy and text him after his first grand slam with his new team.

"I got a bunch from a lot of the guys,'' Inge told the media before the game. `"That's a class act over in that clubhouse. It's weird to say that other clubhouse."

Still, there should be no regrets. Inge didn't hit in Detroit. And it wasn't just few a few weeks or a few months. It had been a few years. Yet, the Tigers didn't get rid of him immediately and gave him every opportunity to stick around.

But this year, Inge was batting .100 when the Tigers finally decided to cut bait after 12 seasons with the team.

And now, there will be some fans saying the Tigers made a mistake and they could still use Inge's bat. Especially since before Thursday night, the Tigers' offense was sputtering. Most thought it would be a high-powered offense with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder and it would lead the Tigers to the World Series.

But so far, it hasn't been the case as the Tigers have been nothing but a .500 team and haven't been impressive at all.

Inge, though, wasn't the answer when the season started and isn't the answer now. He's batting .179 with two homers and 15 RBI, eight of those RBI on two homers.

You know Inge had to feel great to get a grand slam against his former team. Afterward, Inge didn't make a big deal about it, though. "It's just about being relaxed and going out there and playing and having fun, being comfortable around a group of guys, that makes me comfortable," Inge told the media after the game.

It's great that Inge has been reborn in Oakland. So far, a change of scenery has worked. Often, it does when players move on after getting stale in a place. But it's a long season. We'll see where his numbers are when the dust settles.

Either way, the Tigers made the right move on Inge and they are better off without him in the lineup.

No worry for Tigers?

It appears there's one team the Tigers won't have to worry about when it comes to grabbing a postseason spot. That's the Boston Red Sox.

First, there was chickenandbeergate late last season. Now, it's golfgate. Fans are upset that starter Josh Beckett went to play golf a day after being scratched from a start and pushed back. Then Thursday, Beckett was shelled by the Cleveland Indians. It was the BoSox's sixth straight home loss, a mess.

Still, too much is made out of things that go on off the field when things don't go right. In reality, pitchers often golf when they are not pitching. It isn't at all a big deal. The reason the Red Sox are in danger of not making the playoffs two years in a row is because their pitching isn't very good. Period.

Downgrading Lions

It's interesting that Vegas isn't betting on the Lions next season. Despite winning 10 games and making the playoffs this past season, Vegas has set the line for Lions' victories in 2012 at 8.5.

It says they think the Lions will take a step back instead of a step forward. That could spell trouble when you think of how tough the NFC North is. The Packers are good and the Bears have improved by their offseason moves.

With their defensive questions, right now, I see the Lions 8-8 and no postseason.