Kona Grill in Troy reopens after fire

Restaurant opens three days after fire, gets customers back via email


TROY, Mich. – The Kona Grill on Big Beaver Road in Troy is back open just three days after a fire.
According to the restaurant, the damage was confined to only one side of the building, which has since been walled off. The cause of the fire has been traced to an electrical box near a fireplace.

The fire started late Wednesday night when the restaurant was closed.

"I drove by and I saw it all in action. Holy cow, it is on fire," said Mara Gieger.

Damage is estimated to be tens of thousands of dollars and is still being added up. However, the insurance claim will be lower with the restaurant back open for business.

Crews worked around the clock to meet a 5 p.m. deadline on Saturday and the manager sent an email blast to loyal customers.

"We were down at the Somerset at the mall when I get an email saying now open," said Wally Manju, a regular customer.

According to the Kona Grill Regional Manager Kelly Day, opening this weekend was important for Mother's Day.

"It's a huge day. My motto is if you make mom mad, nobody's happy. We wanted to make sure we didn't make any moms mad," said Day.

Long term repairs will be completed over the next few weeks.