Making A Difference Everyday Hero: Hailee Milmine

A little child shall lead them


DETROIT – As Hailee Milmine was approaching her 6th birthday, her family and friends became very busy planning two parties for her. One for family and one for her friends. When Hailee was asked what she wanted for her birthday, she had an interesting answer. She wanted toys, food and clothes, but not for herself.
"I have enough stuff, I want to help other little kids who don't have a lot of stuff," she said.

She had decided to give away all of her birthday gifts to The Kids Closet that is run by the First Congregational Church in Clarkston, Mich. The entire mission is run by volunteers. Hailee had been to the mission in the past and met some of the kids who had come in looking for toys and clothes. This had left an impression on her.

Her mom, Dawn, helped her collect and organize the items.
"Between the two parties of family and friends, we ended up with a truck load of stuff. All we could say was 'wow.'"
The Kids Closet receives donations once a month. With the success of Hailee's first venture, they have collected more items and will be making another donation this month.

Once she delivered her donations she went and saw some of the children come in and select toys. She saw two little boys take some toys. When asked how this made her feel, she said, "Good because they had big smiles on their faces."

Hailee is in kindergarten and gets good grades, and according to her, she stays out of trouble. Then to add a cherry on top, several days ago the Waterford School District gave Hailee the Community Service Award.

When asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she stopped and thought and said, "I don't know, but I do want to keep helping people."

Dawn's father-in-law suggested that she contact WDIV about what Hailee did. Dawns' first response was, "Do you think they would do a story on Hailee?"
Well here she is, Hailee Milmine is a Everyday Hero Making A Difference. She shows us that even a little child can make a difference in somebody's life.