15-year-old student graduates from Trenton High School, gifted with ability to solve complex math

Trenton student is youngest ever to earn diploma from the school


TRENTON, Mich. – At just 15-years-old, high school student Levi Steadman has walked the graduation stage.

Steadman is the youngest student ever to earn a diploma from Trenton High School.  But this isn't the only thing impressive about this teen.

"Maybe I have a gift of some sorts," says Steadman.  "But it really is all about applying myself."

Steadman's projects are on display throughout the high school.  He can build just about anything on a computer and can solve really long math problems.

"When he was five going on six, he was in the first grade, and he said 'Mom, they're not challenging me, I want to learn multiplication,'" says Luanna Steadman, Levi's mother.

No license? No problem

Graduating with a 3.7 grade-point-average, Steadman already has a scholarship to the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  There is one thing, however, he doesn't have: a license.

"I think I'm carpooling," says Steadman. "I don't want mom driving me to college."

"These types of issues come up and you go 'Oh yeah, I'm going to have to drive you back and forth for probably a year,'" says Luanna.

Back to class

Even though Steadman graduated, Steadman returned to his calculus class where his former teacher gave him a couple of challenging math problems to perform.  He solves them flawlessly.


Levi will be 18-years-old when he receives his bachelor's degree, but mostly he wants to pass his knowledge on to others.

"Once I get my Ph.D. it will be looking towards being a professor," says Steadman.

Luanna says her son asked for a white board for his fifteenth birthday so that he could tutor other kids.