3-year-old injured when riding a jet ski on Cass Lake in West Bloomfield

Witness performs CPR, boy rushed to Beaumont Hospital

3-year-old injured after jet ski accident on Cass Lake in West Bloomfield.

DETROIT – A beautiful Sunday on Cass Lake in West Bloomfield quickly turned to panic when a 3-year-old boy is flung off a jet ski and hits a dock.

One of the boys parents was walking the jet ski in the water while the boy was sitting on the jet ski. That's when he hit the gas and lost control hitting his head on the dock.

A good Samaritan heard the accident and raced to help.

"He was obviously going into shock. I wrapped him up in a towel the best I could. You could see a cut on the left side of his face...he was bleeding out of his nose and out of his mouth," said Liz Pariseau who performed CPR on the boy.

The boy was rushed to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak.

Police did not release his condition.