Preliminary hearing for suspect in Detroit gas station shooting adjourned until July

Witness says Michael Haynes was shot by clerk when argument over price of condoms escalated


DETROIT – The Detroit gas station clerk who is jailed and charged with killing a customer after an argument over the price of condoms will wait until July to learn if he'll stand trial.

Prosecutors say Ibrahim Saleh shot and killed Michael Haynes March 10 at the BP station on Fenkell near Wyoming.


Saleh is charged with first-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

A friend of Haynes' took the stand Monday at Saleh's preliminary hearing, laying out what happened in the minutes leading up to Haynes' death.


"We go inside to get some condoms and we give the guy the money and he only gave us so many," said friend Jerome Williams. "Mike was just asking for his money back and he [Saleh] didn't give it back."

Williams said Haynes repeatedly asked for some money back but that he told Haynes they should just leave.

Williams said he walked out of the store but went back in when he realized Haynes wasn't going to let the issue go.

"Mike was still arguing, saying, ‘I'm not leaving until I get my change,'" Williams said.

Williams said Mike wasn't armed, but did lose his temper and pushed on a chip rack.

"The guy came around the counter and shot him," Williams said. "After Mike was shot, everyone was shocked so we ran outside to the car."

Williams said Haynes had a bullet wound to his chest and he and another friend rushed him to a hospital.

The hearing was adjourned until July 16.