Protesters pack heat in Birmingham public meeting


BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Gun carrying protestors let their voices be heard during a Birmingham City Commission meeting.

A number of protestors came armed with AK-47's, a variation of rifles and pistols during Monday night's meeting. The advocates of Michigan's open carry law attended the meeting to support a young man who was arrested for openly carrying a weapon.

"We understand that it's not something that's apart of the public norm or something you see in everyday life, but there is not a law against it," said open carry advocate Phillip Hofmeister.

Sean Combs, 18, from Troy was arrested back in April after he was spotted with a loaded rifle slung across his back in downtown Birmingham.

According to Combs, he did nothing illegal. His lawyer wants to see the charges against him dropped, which range from brandishing a firearm to obstructing an officer.

"You stand up for your rights period, regardless of what the right may be you stand up for it. So even if it's a firearm right, if you want a firearm you have to stand up for those rights," said Combs.

"He has no driving tickets, no parking tickets, no speeding tickets, or any kind of ticket. I would hate to see his record marked by this especially when he did everything legally right," said Sean's mother Pam Combs.

Combs, his mother and attorney did not attend the meeting.

"I hope that council sees that good people carry guns," said Hofmeister.

Combs pleaded not guilty to all charges.