Poll shows Obama, Romney in statistical dead heat in Michigan; state called 'purple'

According to poll, Michigan could be pivotal state for Obama, Romney in upcoming election race

According to poll numbers released by Mitchell Research, President Barack Obama has a 1 percent lead over Mitt Romney in Michigan.

Mitchell has Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 46 percent of the state's votes. The snapshot of the tri-county area, excluding Detroit, shows Romney in the lead with 53 percent to Obama's 47 percent.

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Pollster Steve Mitchell says in this election year it will be up to independent voters to determine whose win column Michigan will be in.

"I think this will be a battleground state. I think it is a purple state. It leans a little to the left but this election will be competitive here," said Mitchell.

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Independent voters rule Michigan

What's a purple state? It's a state where independent voters rule the day. Mitchell predicts it will be independent voters that put Michigan in the win column for either candidate.

The telephone poll was a sample of 750 likely voters statewide. Where does Romney really need to get to work if he's going to flip what was assumed to be a safe state for President Obama? Mitchell says out-state. The margin there has Romney at 47 percent to Obama's 45 percent.

Romney is currently on a bus tour in Michigan, spending a considerable time outside of Metro Detroit.

Mitt Romney was campaigning near Lansing, Mich. on Tuesday.

-- Mitt Romney has spent the week campaigning in Michigan, in places such as DeWitt.

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