Judge in Detroit shuts down court after bedbug sighting

Judge in 36th District Court in Detroit cleared the courtroom because baliff spotted bedbugs on a man

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DETROIT – A judge in 36th District Court cleared a full courtroom Thursday because of bedbugs.

Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller issued the order after a bailiff in the courtroom appeared to spot live bed bugs on a man.

The man was removed and the people sitting in the same row were cleared, but soon after the judge evacuated the entire courtroom.

The judge attempted to move her case load to another courtroom but none were available. She ended up sending her staff home for the day as well.

A pest control firm will spray the courtroom to treat for bedbugs.

This is not the first public place to report problems with bedbugs. In June, Detroit Department of Transportation bus drivers say they have seen and been bitten by bedbugs on their buses.