Failed Allen Park movie studio building called real danger

Residents: 'Money pit' now a safety hazard in Allen Park


ALLEN PARK, Mich. – There is new controversy surrounding the closed movie studio in Allen Park.

Some residents believe the failed film operation is creating a real-life hazard for residents.

"There's mold. There are wires hanging down," said Allen Park resident Bob Armstead, who called the place a fire hazard.

Armstead obtained the building's fire inspection documents through the Freedom of Information Act and said it shows several violations, such as fire extinguishers expired since 2005.

According to Armstead, the building layout is also a hazard because of its dead-end corridors.

"This line shows where people could get trapped," said Armstead, pointing to a diagram of the building. "If there's smoke or fire in there, they wouldn't be able to get out."

Allen Park Community Development Director David Boomer disputes Armstead's claims.

"To say the building is unsafe is a false statement," said Boomer. "The occupied spaces where we have the tenants or common areas like hallways and things of that nature. They all do have emergency lighting, egress lighting, and fire extinguishers that are in compliance."


According to Boomer, if a new tenant is interested in moving into the old Unity Studios space, the area will undergo new fire and safety inspections and any violations would be fixed before the tenant took occupancy.

Armstead said even with the partial occupancy, "(the building) is the city's financial Achilles heal."