Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says making city safe is ‘paramount'

Detroit police say policing efforts


DETROIT – Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says he knows the anger and hardships facing the city's police force and wants to thank and encourage them for their service.

"I think all of us are indebted to our public safety officials, because with all the things that are going on, they are not only still coming to work every day, but they are getting the job done," he said Friday, during a press conference.


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Bing's words come as officers take a pay cut and move to 12-hour shifts.

"I guess I need to say this, and it's heartfelt, this 10 percent cut that's been imposed on our public safety officials does not make me feel good at all," Bing said. "I know the negative impact is has on our individuals and their families. And I wish we were at a better situation where I didn't have to do it. But in order to bring our city back to financial stability, there's pain that's going around for all of us."

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee joined Bing by announcing that through Operation Lockdown, 120 people – 56 felony and 64 misdemeanors – were arrested, more than 30 guns were taken and drugs with a street value of $720,000 were confiscated.

Ten homicide cases were also closed.

Godbee also said investigators have identified five men who are involved in the deadly shooting of a Detroit grandfather who died protecting his granddaughter during a home break-in.


Godbee said with such a heavy workload, he's worried about his officers getting tired. But, he said, the upcoming - and unpopular- 12-hour work shifts could actually help.

"We are very concerned about fatigue and we believe in some small measure with the amount of time off that the officers will have, which will be 14 days a month, we can balance some of the fatigue load," he said.

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