DETROIT: Customer, employee shot in armed robbery

Police search for gunman


DETROIT – 2 people are recovering after being shot in a robbery at a resale store on Detroit's west side.

It happened at A-Z Resale on W. Warren near Piedmont Saturday night.

"He just walked in right away with a gun," said the store owners nephew, Muhammad Aldirawi.

Local 4 was told the suspect walked into the store and started shooting. The stores owner was hit in the side. The suspect then demanded a customer hand over her purse. She complied but was shot after.

The suspect allegedly took $500 out of the purse and ran.

Both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.

When police arrived, there was no trace of the gunman. A K-9 tracked his scent but the trail went cold a few blocks down the road.

Investigators believe the suspect had a get away car waiting for him.