James Rosendall

Witness in Federal trial


James Rosendall the former President of Synagro plead guilty to bribery charges. He wore FBI hidden cameras to try and catch the Kilpatricks. He said he gave $200, 000 to Kwame Kilpatrick's campaign and civic fund. He also said he gave cash, champagne and a promise of a million dollars to Bernard Kilpatrick and flew the Kilpatrick's and Kwame's best friend and top city administrator Derrick Miller on a private jet to Las Vegas for a boxing match to win them over in his effort to SECURE the Synagro sludge hauling contract.

Rosendall said he paid bribes to Rayford Jackson, Sam Riddle, Monica Conyers and Bernard Kilpatrick...and not just cash lavish trips to Las Vegas and cases of expensive champagne all part of the pay for play atmosphere in Detroit. His sentence for cooperating was reduced from more than 20 years to less than 1 year.