Jim Thomas

Lawyer for Kilpatrick


James Thomas is an attorney with over 30 years of criminal defense experience. Over the years he has successfully tried hundreds of high-profile cases including: The defense of the first post 9/11 Terrorism Trial in the United States, the defense of a physician in an alleged Mexican Cartel case, the defense of a Detroit police officer in the highly controversial "Fourth Precinct Corruption Trial," the acquittal of an Indian computer specialist in federal court, the "Malice at the Palace" and the recent highly publicized Hutaree Militia sedition trial. In addition, he has represented numerous political figures, physicians and hospitals, as well as mortgage bankers, professional athletes and others charged both in State and Federal Courts.

Mr. Thomas has been recognized in various publications as one of the best criminal defense and white collar criminal attorneys in the country. He has lectured internationally, nationally and locally on topics concerning the representation of the accused and the protection of the Constitutional rights afforded to all persons in America. Most recently, Mr. Thomas participated in the Department of Justice's International "Rule of Law" initiatives in Ukraine and Serbia along with federal judges and prosecutors to encourage respective legislators, judges and prosecutors to change their law. In March of 2009, the Serbian Criminal Code was amended adopting laws consistent with recommendations that had been suggested. In Spring of 2012, it is expected that the Ukranian Government will adopt a new criminal procedure code consistent with the initiative in that country.