Man crashes truck into house, opens fire at Garden City police officers

Garden City police swarm pickup truck after crash into house, shot fired; police were in pursuit of suspected credit union robber

GARDEN CITY, Mich. – A man crashed a late model Dodge Ram pickup truck Tuesday afternoon into a house before firing a shot near Harrison and Warren roads in northern Garden City.

Watch: Aerial video: Police swarm truck after crash, shooting in Garden City

Police were in pursuit of the driver when he lost control of the vehicle, side-swiped a tree and crashed into the home.

Local 4 has learned the man had robbed a credit union in the area. The chase reached speeds of 60 and 70 miles per hour. He fired one shot at police officers after the crash.

No one was injured.

"We're unclear what the motive behind that shot being fired was, however, he did make comments to officers that if the gun hadn't been jammed it was 'gonna be on,'" said Garden City Police Chief Robert Muery.

There was an assault rifle in the truck which has been recovered by police. Officers also found the stolen cash from the credit union.

Melissa Tourle lives in the house the truck crashed into.

"Just to come home and see a truck in your house ... like, what?" Tourle said.

She was returning home from work to find the pickup in the house's guest room.

"I can't believe it. Like, you think you would only see this on TV ... and it's happening right now in real life," she said.