Things to remember when playing golf in the fall


DETROIT – Fall is my favorite time of year to golf; the temperatures are comfortable, the leaves are turning and the air is crisp! 

However, there are a few things to consider when golfing in cooler temperatures. 

First, the ball will not travel as far when the air is cooler so you will want to add a club to your yardage.  For example if you normally hit your 7 iron 100 yards, you may want to use a 5 or 6 iron to achieve the same distance. 

Good chipping and putting requires good feel which means keeping your hands warm.  Grab a lightweight pair of gloves to slip on between holes or some hand warmers before heading to the course. 

Fall can also mean rain so bring along an extra towel for your bag to keep your grips and clubs dry.  You may also want to invest in some rain gear.  Cool temperatures paired with being wet can really ruin a good round.  The ball will not travel as far in the rain and wet ground will decrease roll when putting. 

Remember that when it is cooler, you will want to dress in layers.

However, keep in mind that more layers which will restrict your swing a bit.

Until next time! 

Danny Divot