Gov. Snyder, Mich. legislators meet to discus right-to-work issue

Gov. Rick Snyder will push for passage of right-to-work legislation in next few days

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature's top two leaders say they will push for passage of right-to-work legislation in the next few days.

The announcement came Thursday during a roundtable discussion in Lansing.

Gov. Snyder, Majority Leader Randy Richardville and Speaker Jase Bolger were joined by rank-and-file union members.

Watch: Uncut roundtable on right-to-work legislation.

During the meeting Gov. Snyder and GOP leaders vowed to push the right-to-work law in Michigan, defying angry unions.

Union protests took place in Lansing on Wednesday, and union members from metro Detroit were expected to flock to the Capitol again on Thursday.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak said in a statement "Michigan workers deserve the utmost protections to ensure Michigan's economic recovery continues to move forward. Freedom in the workforce is common sense legislation that puts the interests of Michigan workers ahead of the interests of union bosses. The Workplace and Equity Fairness Act ensures that union membership is voluntary and no longer a forced-requirement. I want to thank Gov. Snyder, Speaker Jase Bolger, Majority Leader Randy Richardville and, notably Sen. Pat Colbeck and Rep. Mike Shirkey for demonstrating the courage and leadership to put the interests of Michigan workers first."

Snyder said bills will be introduced Thursday.

He said the issue is about freedom for workers and is not meant to harm unions or collective bargaining.

Watch: Uncut: Right-to-work protesters pack Lansing Capitol

Snyder said it wasn't on his agenda previously because there were more pressing issues to deal with, but he says now is the time to move.

The legislation will cover both private and public sector workers, although an exception will be granted for police and firefighters.

"The 'Workplace and Equity Fairness Act' will move through the Michigan House and Senate beginning today," said Schostak.

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