Daughters seek hit-and-run driver who injured mother in Chesterfield Township

Driver 1st stopped, then left injured woman outside her Chesterfield Township home


CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Two sisters are asking for help in finding the hit and run driver who struck their mother outside her Chesterfield Township home.

Melody Rice, 55, walked from her home Sunday evening at the Carriage Way Mobile Home Park to check her mail. Daughter Tammie Hughes said her mother was hit by a dark colored car that sped around a corner.

"She said she saw the car coming and tried to jump out of the way the best she could, but she got her one leg and it just took her down," Hughes said.

The woman driving the car stopped, saw the injured woman, promised she would return with help but never did.  A passerby found Rice one hour later and called for an ambulance.

"It was rainy, it as soggy and cold, probably about 40 degrees on Sunday, and she was left there, luckily on the side of the road, in the grass," Hughes said.

Tammie Hughes said her mother is getting treatment for her injuries.

"They are going to do their best to do the repairs they can, but it's going to be a long time with physical therapy," Hughes said.

The only description of the hit and run driver is that of a woman who might be in her fifties, with shoulder length wavy brunette hair.

Tammie Hughes said she hopes the driver will realize what she did.

"It seems that she cared enough to stop and see what happened and I'm just hoping that she cares enough to come forward and admit what she did," Hughes said.

Chesterfield Township police have been questioning mobile home park residents in hope of finding witnesses.  So far, the driver has not been located.