Michigan State Police report large crowds at state capital were peaceful, few arrests

3 misdemeanor arrests Tuesday in Lansing, but overall day was peaceful, police say


LANSING, Mich. – Michigan State Police reported three arrests Tuesday during right-to-work protests near the state Capitol. 

State police say union marshals and captains worked with troopers to maintain safety of both protestors and police.

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At one point in the day troopers opened a secure door at the Romney building, where Gov. Rick Snyder has an office. Members of the crowd tried to follow troopers into the building but the officers used O/C spray, a form of pepper spray, when some of the crowd refused the troopers' commands. State police arrested two people who breached the doors.

Later in the afternoon a third person was arrested for refusing to comply with troopers at the Romney building, named after former Michigan governor George Romney.

Troopers also responded to a few minor calls for medical assistance but there were no major injuries or medical emergencies reported to MSP.

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