Detroit company steps up to build ramp for family

Wright & Filippis helps Canton family


A local company that provides home medical equipment recently worked with Local 4 to build a better New Year for a Canton family.

Darrin Hicks is a 43-year-old husband and father living in Canton's Sherwood Village.

Earlier this year, severe back pain lead to a series of surgeries on his back and neck. Darrin has been using a wheelchair since the first surgery back in March, which made getting in and out of their home very difficult. 

Darrin's wife spoke with Local 4 about her husbands ordeal.

"I felt bad for him cause he couldn't go out anywhere. He was getting aggravated and depressed," said Kellie Hicks.  Unbeknownst to Kellie and Darrin, her mother contacted Local 4 to see if the station could find someone who might be able to provide a ramp to help Darrin get in and out of the house. 

At that point, Wright and Filippis stepped up to the plate to donate a ramp, including the labor needed to build it.

The company was founded in Detroit in 1944, providing home medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, respiratory care and diabetic supplies. Wright and Filippis is family-owned and has 35 locations throughout the state, including 12 in metro Detroit.
"We're extremely happy that we were in a position to help," said Mike Murray, director of marketing for Wright & Filippis. "Our company was founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy life and live independently - that's why we established the Filippis Foundation more than 30 years ago."

When the Hicks family found out Darrin would get the ramp he desperately needed, they were skeptical at first. They couldn't quite believe it would really happen.

On Dec.12, the crew showed up to their home in Canton, and in a few hours, the ramp was in place, giving Darrin a way to safely and easily get out of the house. 


"Thank you God!" said Kellie Hicks. She said she's also so grateful to Wright and Filippis. "I am so excited and thank you so much. It's a wonderful gift."  She says it will be a dramatic change for her husband, even as he looks forward to simple things, like being able to go to the Dollar Store. 

"We're thankful that Local 4 reached out to us. Hopefully, Darrin and Kellie will now be able to truly enjoy the holidays," said Murray.